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Loyola University Maryland

Continuing Education

MTIPS Spring 2019 Primary: Practical Life and Grace and Courtesy, Science Extensions with Art


Attend the MTIPS conference digitally from anywhere in the world. You can watch the conference live with the ability to submit questions and/or watch the recorded live session at the time of your choosing.

In the area of science, the first plane child requires infinite hands-on experiences before introducing abstract concepts like naming and classification. These tangible skills inspire the child in a primary environment to gather additional knowledge that goes above and beyond our albums. Through this interest and further exploration, the 3-6 child discovers that “science” surrounds him.

Art can help us make sense of the world. Science can often become too difficult to grasp for the young child. Michele’s expertise in the area of art has changed the way her children see the world. Classifying, Life Cycles, Botany, Physical Science, Human Anatomy, Weather and Seasons are areas of science that are presented in Michele’s All Year class and then further explored using a variety of art media. Through these art lessons, the children are able to express what they have learned. This artistic expression has enabled them to absorb information that might have otherwise been out of their reach.

No PHD needed in order to optimize the science area in your very own environment and to ultimately unleash an untapped enthusiasm within the child. Michele will share with you her science presentations as well as the art materials used to explore the many possible extensions from this often-neglected area of the primary classroom. Participants will leave with practical ways to integrate science into the prepared environment and how to approach it in a way that supports and encourages the child’s natural curiosity.


Price: $99.00